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Affordable Career Protection for Public Service Professionals

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Private Investigators That Work For You! was founded for one purpose. To help in the defense of Public Service Professionals during internal affairs investigations. provides professionally trained private investigators to assist in the defense of  police officers, deputy sheriffs, dispatchers, probation officers, EMS and fire professionals during internal affairs investigations.

For a very low retainer, a Private Investigator is assigned to you that will parallel your departments investigation in your defense. Your investigator will work and report soley to you, our client, with a guaranteed fast call out time.

The result is a licensed, professional investigator (often a former police officer or deputy sheriff) that works for you, not your city, county, department, insurance or union! We answer and work FOR YOU! Don't put your career in somebody elses hands. Let work for you!

The smart career protection solution for:

  • Police Officers
  • Deputy Sheriffs
  • Emergency Dispatchers
  • Probation Officers
  • Fire Professionals
  • EMS Professionals
  • Public Service Pros

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Internal Affairs Investigations can take a heavy toll on any police officer or deputy sheriff. Often, agencies or municipalities are not interested in working in the defense of these officers or deputies. 

We are perfect supplement to your Union Benefits. A key complaint that is often heard from Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Professionals is that it takes too long for them to hear from their Union Representative, Attorney or Investigator in their case. This can be detrimental to the defense of a police officer or deputy sheriff that needs to defend themselves while doing a very difficult and dangerous duty. solves these problems by having a promised call-out time (COT) of 10 hours, anywhere, anytime. Anything that is learned during the defense investigation is confidential and we report it only to you, our client.

Our Private Investigators can work side by side with your Union Representative, Defense Attorney or Investigator if you wish. The single most important selling point of is that we work for you; not your municipality, company or insurance. You demand an accurate, affordable and dependable defense solution to your Internal Affairs needs, and delivers to police officers, deputy sheriffs and more!